Five games to encourage kids with cleaning

With the kids off school, it can be tiring for parents to keep them entertained and out of our hair for six weeks. It can also play havoc with cleaning schedules as they run around the house, traipse in mud and do messy activities like painting. While your children may be reluctant to tidy up after themselves, Sph2onge has come up with five activities that will have them doing their bit.


Similar to musical statues, put on some upbeat music and they have to clean while the music is playing. When it stops, they have to freeze wherever they are, until the room is cleaned up.

Laundry goals

Develop their hand-eye co-ordination by making the laundry basket or washing machine a ‘goal’ and have them throw items in from various distances. You can also incorporate a physics angle of how far items of different weights or materials will travel.


Using a robot voice, give your child commands to follow as if they were a robot. “Take Sph2onge to sink – wipe kitchen surface”. Encourage them to do robot movements and stay in character for the whole task.

Dice game

Create a list of 12 chores and, using two dice, they have to roll the dice and do the selected chore. This will also encourage their numeracy skills by adding up the two numbers to different sums.

Infected zone

Tell your children the floor is infected and anything left down there will be contaminated. Designate a ‘safe’ zone where everything must be taken then use your Sph2onge to ‘decontaminate’ the area.

Do you have any "tactics" which you use to make cleaning fun with your kid/s - comment below? 

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