Clothes Cleaning Tips!

Clothes Cleaning Tips!

 Sadly, we won’t be putting our winter warmers to the back of the wardrobe any time soon. This means that we still need to treat our laundry with a little TLC to keep our clothes lasting longer and still in great condition for when the chilly weather strikes again (hopefully never!). These are a selection of our favourite clothes cleaning tips that we love to use, and we know you will to!

 Don’t Just Separate Based On Colour

 We have all been taught since we first moved out of home and conquered the washing machine for the first time that we must separate darks from lights (simple right!). But, if you want to keep your clothes looking fresher for longer then you should follow our separation guidelines –

  • Separate very dirty clothes from the clothes that just need a freshen up
  • Separate heavy fabrics from delicate ones
  • Wash only one bed linen set at a time (could mix with small items such as socks and underwear)

 Tumble Dryer Tips!

Here at SPh2ONGE, we think it is really important to do our bit for the environment – and avoiding the tumble dryer is a great way to start! We know that the weather isn’t always on our side for drying clothes outside, or we don’t have the room for socks and underwear lying about the house, so if you do tumble dry then follow these tips.

  • Don’t overload the tumble dryer as the clothes will remain slightly damp and smell musty.
  • Avoid putting gym wear in the tumble dryer as it losses shape
  • Avoid tumble drying underwear to avoid shape loss

 Quick Cleaning Tips!

  • Don’t leave any zips undone – these can catch on delicate clothes or scratch the inside of your machine.
  • Check bright coloured clothes with a damp white cloth to see if the colour bleeds
  • Undo any buttons on clothes to avoid the button holes being ripped or damaged in the machine.

If you want to go even further and know how to get stains out of your clothes before they go in the laundry, then check out our stain removal blog here!

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