Cleaning Your Car with SPh2ONGE

We all cherish our cars that get us from A to B and make life a whole lot easier. Everyone has gotten into someone’s car and battled their way through the mess or can’t see through the dirt on the windows - no one wants this to be them! Now is the best time to get zooming down the roads in your sparkling motor and have no more car shame. Something you need to get your car pristine and shining is our brilliant SPh2ONGE.

To start with, open all the doors and boot of your car to let some air in and let out any lingering smells. Then make sure you de-clutter rubbish, food, or any items that should really be inside your home. Don’t miss any little hiding places such as cup holders and glove box as these can easily get cluttered and forgotten about. Now you should have a blank canvas to begin getting to work and busting that dirt.

Take your favourite car-safe surface cleaner and get to work cleaning over every surface, such as dashboard, door interiors, gear stick, and steering wheel. This will remove any fingerprints or dirt that we don’t want on our hands. Once you have covered every hard surface, take the pink SPh2ONGE cloth and run over all surfaces to absorb any moisture and get every inch of your car sparkling.

Now it is time to tackle the seats and get them back to being clean and comfy. Start off by giving the car a hoover over any upholstery such as foot-well mats and seats, and boot. This will get rid of most dust build-up and any small bits of dirt that have gotten stuck into the upholstery. To take your seats to the extra cleaning mile grab your yellow SPh2ONGE and get to work damp dusting. Just lightly damp the SPh2ONGE and gently rub it over the seats to trap in any stubborn dust and get your seats looking fresh and smelling great. If you have leather seats instead, just grab the damp SPh2ONGE cloth and gently do the same just to remove any light marks or imperfections.

The inside of your car should be looking great and feeling fresh! So now let’s tackle the exterior of the car and give it some well needed TLC. Our grey SPh2ONGE cloth is perfect for getting a great shine on your bonnet, windows, and wheels – and makes car cleaning easy! Just clean the outside of your car with soapy water like usual to get any dirt off the car and rinse with a hose until clean. Now the car is clean it needs to get dry with a show-room shine! Take your SPh2ONGE cloth and get to work absorbing all the water and rubbing a great sparkle back on your bonnet and tires. With a bit of extra arm power on the windows and mirrors, watermarks will be a thing of the past and leave a mirror-like finish on your car.

By following all of our car cleaning tips, your car shame will be gone and you will be excited to cruise down the road again.


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