Cleaning a house with pets

We all love our four-legged friends but whether its Charlie the pug or Bella the cat, they can play havoc with our cleaning routine.

One of the biggest problems that comes with owning a pet is the fur which sheds over surfaces and furniture so firstly, make sure your pet is regularly groomed and brushed to minimise the amount of fur they deposit.

Look for a pet-appropriate vacuum cleaner with a strong suction to pick up fur and make sure it is suitable for furniture as well. Day to day, keep your Cloth by SPh2ONGE handy to pick up stray fur. Regardless of how often you clean, it is worth doing a deep clean of your carpets every few months to dig out those deep-rooted fibres.

When it comes to interior furnishings, look for durable fabrics and stain-resistant materials and cover areas where your pet likes to sleep with a sheet or blanket which can be easily removed and thrown into the washing machine.

Clean their toys and beds regularly as these can harbour germs; most toys and fabrics can go in the washing machine but if not, wash by hand in the sink and leave to dry outside to get rid of any excess odours.

Lastly, keep a caddy ready by your door filled with an Cloth by SPh2ONGE, old towel, and water so you can easily clean off your dog before they track mud into your lovely clean floors!

If you have pets in your household, comment below with your tips.


  • Good read here.
    Pets can create a lot of dust/dander, particularly shedding breeds. it is important to regularly brush your furry friends, that way they will shed less around the home and more onto the brush. Grooming is also a great way to health check your pet and notice any lumps or bumps, as well as bonding with your pet.


  • Great advice. My cat leaves hair everywhere.. he is forgiven because he is cute but it’s so so important to keep on top of it. Especially now malting season is upon us!

    @clean_home_tidy_mind - Sarah

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