Clean Your Home FAST!

We have all been in the situation where our house is a mess and we don’t know where to start with your SPh2ONGE, Stairs? Kitchen? Bathroom? – the possibilities are endless! Don’t fret! We are here to help you with your cleaning woes and will get you back on the cleaning buzz to get it all done in a flash. This is your easy guide to getting things back in order so you can feel at peace in your home.


If you have multiple bedrooms in your house, you have even more work to get them all back to rooms of sleep and tranquillity – but first, let’s tackle that mess. Begin by stripping the beds and discarding the sheets into the washing to make your life easier on wash days. A top tip is to lift the mattress to tuck under the corners of your new sheets, this makes it easier as you aren’t scrunching them under the mattress and wasting time. If the room is especially cluttered, have a designated box of items to tidy later. Place any items that don’t belong in the box and forget about them until later. This is where the SPh2ONGE comes in! Our favourite part! Take the SPh2ONGE and use it to damp dust any furniture or surfaces, work from top to bottom. Your bedrooms should now have transformed into a paradise where sleep is welcomed for the night to come!

Bathrooms and Kitchen

This is SPh2ONGE’s winning room! A SPh2ONGE is all you need to succeed! First, decide which surfaces need the most attention, this is usually bath, toilet, sink, and surfaces. Take your favourite cleaning detergent or spray and get to work, hose down the areas then soak your SPh2ONGE to activate its super absorbent powers and pick your first surface. The SPh2ONGE makes light work of any remaining water so will cut your cleaning time in half! Bathrooms and the kitchen will quickly become your favourite room to clean because of the SPh2ONGE and the way it gets your tiles gleaming.

Living Room

Tackling this room may seem daunting as it is one of the most used and largest rooms in the house, but don’t fear we will make it seem a breeze! Begin by grabbing your box of items to tidy later that you started in the bedrooms. Do a quick lap of the living room and grab anything that needs a home somewhere else in the house and place all these in the box to leave for last. If your house has some furry friends that also call it home, then your SPh2ONGE can get to work picking up those pesky hairs - no need for the vacuum! Use the SPh2ONGE to work on damp dusting and banishing all the dust from your home!


Time to slow down and relax as you add your last-minute touches to your gleaming home. Grab that box of misplaced items from earlier and go place them back in their rightful homes. Now everything is clean and tidy it will be much easy to put them back where they go. Lastly, you want to make the house smell fresh, so get some air freshener and light some candles so you can fill the air with the scent of a well-love home.

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