Carpet Cleaning Tips

We clean the whole house in an afternoon, but don’t look under our feet! Our carpets need the most attention as they are constantly being used throughout the day and building up a layer of dirt and dust. Even if you have a no shoes in the house policy, you will be surprised how quick your carpets get dirty and discolour! We have decided on our favourite carpet cleaning tips to share with you so you can have your carpets looking freshly fitted (we won’t tell anyone they aren’t!) If you try them out, make sure to tag us in your before and after pictures – we are all cleaning mad over here and love to see them!


Lint Roller

If you have long pile carpets, then a lint roller is your new best friend! Sometimes there are crumbs and dirt that the hoover just can’t grab so you need to bring in the re-enforcements. All you need to do is run over the carpet with a lint roller after you have hoovered. This will pick up any dust and lint that the hoover missed. You will be left with a super clean carpet that looks fresh and isn’t leaving dust in the air – for a cleaner, fresher home.



If you prefer having short pile carpets in your home, then you are going to want to reach for a squeegee. For compact carpet fibres, this is great as it can easily run across the stiff surface of the carpet. All you must do is use some arm power to drag the squeegee over the surface a few times and you will start to see hair and dirt lifting from the pile. This should be done once a month as a deep clean to release any built-up dirt from the pile and stop the carpet from looking discoloured.


Blot Stains

This is the golden rule for carpets – never rub a stain! This is the easiest way to transfer the stain between the fibres of the carpet pile. The best thing to do is to use a cloth or sponge to blot the stain. This stops the stain from moving, and instead absorbs it into the sponge/cloth. The best way to remove a stain is to control it! This means that you don’t create a larger mess that’s harder to clean up!


Oil Stains

Oil stains can be difficult as you must act quick! As soon as you spill any oily substance, quickly cover the stain with bicarbonate of soda. This will absorb the oil and form a crust over the carpet. Then, you hoover up the crust and wipe the surface. The carpet will be revealed, oil free! BUT – you must remember this tip and use it fast!


Do you have any carpet cleaning tips that you swear by? Comment below or tag us in pictures on your social media accounts! We are always re-posting your cleaning tips and we love to see them.


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