Car Interior Cleaning Tips

Our cars really are a saviour, but this means that they require a bit of TLC every now and then! We should all take pride in everything we own – this includes our cars too. We have selected some of our favourite car interior cleaning tips to get the inside of your motor shining!


Clean out any rubbish (We know there’s some!)


We are all guilty of using our car as a dumping ground. The first thing you need to do is grab two bags, one for rubbish and one for items that aren’t in the correct home. Remove any used bottles or packets, along with chargers, and any other items. This will instantly give your car more space and feel less cluttered – just like magic!


Cleaning the console/dashboard


It is important to carefully choose the cleaners that you use on your dash-board, this means that you don’t damage and electrical elements of the car. We would recommend a glass cleaner as this will create a streak-free shine. Only spray directly onto the cloth and not onto the surface. This means you won’t saturate any electrical elements. Simply rub the cleaner in and see the shine appear!


Detail Cleaning


If you want to go one step further, then get an old toothbrush or cotton bud and go into the crevices of the interior that builds up with dust and dirt. This is for the more precise of us, but it really does make a world of difference to the car.


Inside Windows


All you need is a microfiber cloth and your window spray again! It is important to work the product over the window in circular motions to avoid streaking. Once it has dried, then use a dry cloth to buff out any smears and make the windows super shiny!


Seats and Upholstery


Grab your hoover and run it over all upholstery in the car to remove any crumbs.  This will remove any surface dirt to ensure it doesn’t get stuck to the product that you use. Then take an upholstery cleaner and a stiff brush. Use the brush and some arm power to remove any stains and discolouring – it will look brand new! Then simply wipe the product off and let dry.


Stain remover 

Any harsher stains, use a specific stain remover to get it looking brand new. Simply take a soft cloth and rub some stain cleaner into the stain. Leave it to sit for 10 minutes and then rinse.


Final touch

The best way to get your car feeling cleaner is to add a new air freshener – then it smells and looks great!


Share any car interior cleaning tips below for the SPh2ONGE family!


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