Book Recommendations

1. Hinch Yourself Happy by Sophie Hinchcliffe

Mrs Hinch really knows her stuff when it comes to cleaning, and in this book she gives an overview of her favourite ways to clean using tried and tested methods. She also gives an insight into her life - after being catapulted to fame as an instagram cleaning influencer. This book is great for beginners, or if you are in need of a bit of motivation to get cleaning!

2. How to clean your house by Lynsey Crombie

Lynsey Crombie, better known on instagram as Queen of Clean, is another of Sph2onge’s favourites.  The book starts with a quick biography, detailing how she got started on instagram, before jumping right into her top tips on all things cleaning - including assembling a home cleaning kit as well as some of her own homemade cleaner recipes.

3. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

This book has gained a substantial following - and with good reason. The title does not exaggerate when it comes to the benefits that come along with decluttering. Having followed along with the process myself, I can attest to how having a clutter-free space after years of messy bedrooms and lost possessions has improved my life in so many ways!

4. Pinch of Nom

This is a recommendation comes directly from the man behind Sph2onge, Christopher - who is not only a connoisseur of sponges, but also a talented chef! Pinch of Nom builds on the success of the Pinch of Nom blog, with a plethora of healthy recipes accompanied by beautiful photos.

Let us know if you have read any of these books, whether you plan to, or whether you have any suggestions of your own!

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  • Brilliant book recommendations 💕


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