Best Uses For Our Absorbent Cloth!

Our super absorbent cloth has been available now for quite some time and has a happy place in many customer’s cleaning cupboards. Every day we see new and inventive ways to use our products – you all really put our products through their paces to see what new ways you can clean with them. We have chosen some of our favourite uses for our absorbent cloth, these are cleaning hacks that you definitely need to add into your weekly cleaning list! You will love them so much, you’ll be wanting to use them every day!


DIY Blind Cleaner

Just because our cloth comes on its own, doesn’t mean you can’t do a great DIY to turn it into the perfect solution for your cleaning dilemmas. We have seen people wrap our cloths around a pair off BBQ tongs to clean slatted bathroom blinds. Our cloths lock in dust so that it doesn’t spread over your home. This means that you catch the dust without making another mess to clean up. We love DIY jobs like this, because you can just unwrap the cloth and it’s ready to clean new surfaces. A great tip like this is one for the memory bank!


Reflective Surfaces

Tackling mirrors, windows and chrome surfaces can be tricky. It is always hard to find a cloth that doesn’t leave behind fibres that cling to the surface and stop you from getting the perfect shine. Our cloths are specially designed to get you that smudge free shine. It’s easy to just grab any old cloth or kitchen towel to wipe over reflective surfaces as it can be a neglected job. Add our absorbent cloth into the mix to make it a part of your weekly routine – you won’t regret it!


Car Cleaning

Every time we go to clean our car, we head straight to specific car cleaning products – but our product is even perfect for tasks outside of the home. Just like reflective surfaces, our cloth can get your car sparkling. There is no better way to get your car feeling brand new than by using a streak-free cloth that provides a great shine. It’s uses don’t just stop on the outside of the car, it is also great on interior car surfaces to get that fresh valet feeling. Next time you reach for the car cleaning kit, swap out your usual cloth and use a SPh2ONGE absorbent cloth instead and just wait to see the difference.


Our super absorbent cloth is really versatile and can be used to tackle many tasks inside and outside of the home. We are always seeing how our customers are using our products and the results they get! Check out our Instagram and Facebook to see us post our favourite client photos and tips!

If you have any quirky uses for our cloth, post them in the comments down below! We would love to see how YOU put your SPh2ONGE cloth to the test and get your home shining.

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  • Just had to update you on the pet towel. Have just used the same towel to dry a Crestepoo and a very fluffy Cockapoo! Just keep squeezing out when the cloth gets heavy. No more mounds of wet towels. This product is fantastic!


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