Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Our bedrooms are meant to be a relaxing safe-haven, where we feel calm and ready for rest. If you don’t keep on top of tidying bedrooms, then they can quickly become a space of chaos that isn’t very inviting. We’ve selected some of our favourite cleaning tips to transform the way you look at your space!


Get Rid of Useless Storage!


  • Sometimes we buy storage to store things that we don’t need and just cause extra clutter! It’s time to rid your room of un-necessary clutter and start your own ‘keep-donate-ditch’ initiative. If you only keep things with a purpose, then you can donate the rest or throw it away (only if it’s not in a condition to donate!).


  • Under bed storage is the way to go if you like to keep a minimalist interior. All you have to do is fill up the container with anything you don’t always need. This could be all your shoes, bags, or out of season clothes. This frees up space in the wardrobe and you don’t add any more clutter to your display with rails and open storage bins!


  • Vacuum pack the thing you just can’t let go of. Whether this be old kids’ clothes, baby clothes, or sentimental fabric items, you can easily vacuum pack them all together and store in a cupboard or loft for half the space! This is a great one for people who don’t have a lot of space to play with.



No Clothes on The Floor!


  • It is almost too easy to just throw clothes on the floor after we get dressed, I’m sure we are all guilty of this! Now is the ideal time to invest in a sorted clothes hamper so as soon as you get changed, you can sort the washing into the categories you wash in. This way, when you go to put the wash on, your room is clear and the washing is already sorted! Tidy and time saving!


Organise Your Dresser!


  • It always looks great having carefully placed perfume bottles and ornaments on your dresser, but sometimes we become guilty of over cluttering. Do we really need 4 hairbrushes and an old wrapper on our dresser? All you need to do is hide away in the drawer and less pleasing to the eye products, and then keep your ride-or-die products on show. Once you have selected the items you would want on show, you can arrange them in storage containers to keep them tidy. A great option is acrylic storage containers as they are easily to clean and you can see everything inside!



We know there are plenty more tips out there! If you have any other great ideas, then suggest them below! - SPh2ONGE fans will love to hear them!

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