Autumn Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning gets a lot of lip service - and for good reason. We even have a blog post on how spring cleaning can boost your health.

However, what does not get mentioned nearly enough is autumn cleaning! Autumn is the perfect time for a refresh - summer holidays are over, students start a new school year, the weather changes, and with it our wardrobes change. As the trees prepare to shed their leaves, so should we.

Environmental health practitioner Dr Lisa Ackerley (known as The Hygiene Doctor online) says “though Spring is traditionally when we give the house a deep clean, ‘autumn cleaning’ is even more important,”

Here are some of our suggestions;

  • Removing leaves and debris from from gardens or drains

Not only does this make the area look neater, but also makes it much safer as leaves can get very slippery when wet.

  • Prepare for the condensation that comes as the temperatures plummet

The SPh2ONGE is perfect for this! Wipe down your windows with a SPh2ONGE to remove condensation and any other leftover moisture on surfaces.

  • Clean garden furniture and barbecues

As the weather begins to turn, it is best to clean these and put them away for the winter months so that they stay in the best condition possible.

  • Switch out seasonal clothes

Replace the summer dresses with autumn sweaters and place the clothes not currently in use out of the way. This should streamline your wardrobe and simplify the process of choosing an outfit in the mornings.

Do you have any autumnal-themed cleaning suggestions, or plan on completing any of the items on this list? Comment below, we would love to hear what you think.

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