5 Quick Home Cleaning Tips When You're Lacking in Time

5 Quick Home Cleaning Tips When You're Lacking in Time

Who doesn’t love having a clean house with the fresh smell and the taste of accomplishment? However, the majority of us hate to clean! With work, family time, meal prep and cooking, it can be increasingly hard to find the time to do anything other than a quick tidy.

Whether you work full time or are expecting last-minute guests, and whether you are experienced or a complete cleaning novice, here are some quick tips for cleaning your home when you’re badly short of time.


  1. Make sure everything is tidy

Clear away any clutter that might make cleaning harder. Before you start, give the house a good tidy, making sure everything is put away or at least not on the floor! Remember to try and recycle anything that you can.



  1. Clean from the top of the room down

Always start at the ceiling and work your way down. Start by dusting all the corners of the room, then shelves and top surfaces of furniture, hand rails, picture frames, TV screens, and the likes.

Next, wipe down countertops and other surfaces, making sure to disinfect the areas that might get touched by grubby hands the most! Always do the floor last, hoovering or sweeping before you mop.



  1. Don’t just do one room at a time

Instead of doing one room at a time, try and clean as much of the house as you can in one go. Stick all your cleaning supplies in a box or caddy, open all the doors, plug in your vacuum and get going.

If you start by dusting, dust one room straight after the other. Then wipe down all of your surfaces. This means that by the time you get to the hoovering, you can just keep moving throughout the house!



  1. Make the bathroom an exception

The only exception to the tip above is the bathroom. This is because you don’t want to spread any germs from your bathroom through the rest of your house. It can be useful to keep a separate set of cleaning supplies specifically for the bathroom.

When you get to the bathroom, focus on the sink, bath tub, shower and toilet as these can often look the dirtiest due to their colour and sheen. Always clean the toilet last with some bleach or a specialist toilet cleaner.



  1. Regularly wash your equipment

Whether you favour a cloth, a sponge, or a mix of both, make sure to regularly clean your tools. This also goes for emptying your vacuum bag and rinsing your mop. By keeping your equipment clean, it makes your work much quicker, more efficient and more effective.

So, no matter how little time you have, you can always give your house a good clean. It is all about working methodically and being clever with your time. If you have any more tips, why not share them by leaving a comment below? We love to hear your ideas and helpful hints. – The SPh2ONGE team.

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