3 Reasons why SPh2ONGE is AWESOME!

It’s In The Name – SUPER Absorbent

There have always been countless regular sponges on the market. Kitchen drawers are packed to the brim with cheap sponges that are good for a one time use and are then destined for the bin. BUT hold on - you haven’t tried SPH2ONGE. Our product is your trusty sidekick for spills and messes that is ALWAYS up to the job! With one swift wipe of the surface, your spill is no more and your SPH2ONGE is still good as new. Our SPH2ONGE works like magic - 3…2…1…no more mess! A cluttered cleaning drawer is a thing of the past, be rid of all your one-use sponges and replace them with ONE great product that never fails to amaze. We say SPH2ONGE power for a reason – it kicks dirt straight out of your home. If you can’t take our word for, take a look at @sph2onge on Instagram and see what our astounded customers have to say! (Just a hint – they love it!)


A Sponge? I only know SPH2ONGE!

Once all your old sponges are gone, you should just have one gleaming SPH2ONGE in their place – it’s all you need! Our brilliant product is so good you can leave the cleaning aisle behind. We have created SPH2ONGE to tackle almost the whole house, and every other cleaning task too! Whether you are cleaning the windows or the car, our SPH2ONGE works wonders at leaving a streak-free shine to all surfaces in your home. Our customers have a few favourite uses that we think are great! A must-try is using our SPH2ONGE on your stairs. Our product traps all the dust and extra hair that is left after a hoover, your house will look brand new! Another fan favourite is damp dusting, which SPH2ONGE is perfect for. Just wet it and wipe it over dusty surfaces. It traps all the dust and stops it messing up your freshly cleaned home – makes cleaning 10x quicker! We know how easy it is to get your house sparkling from top to toe, but so do they!


You are joining a Family!

Our products are so loved we have formed our very own SPH2ONGE family! Since our launch we have grown to 45.6k followers on Instagram and 33k likes on Facebook – we feel the love around here! Our community love sharing tips and tricks on how to use your SPH2ONGE to get your house sparkling and we want you to be a part of that too to see what our products can do. One of our most well-known SPH2ONGE family members is Mrs Hinch who is famous for her magical cleaning skills, and she loves our products too! So, leave your trust in our community which is only getting larger, and let that start with you by buying our product now! SPH2ONGE gives you endless cleaning possibilities, and if you’re anywhere near as cleaning mad as we are, you are going to LOVE it!

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