16 Cleaning Tips (That All Sound Crazy!)

Here at SPh2ONGE we’ve all heard the traditional lemon juice and vinegar cleaning tips, but have you heard of mayonnaise and coca cola? No? Then let us share these crazy cleaning tips with you – they DO actually work!


  1. Water-marks on wood – Simply rub with a little bit of mayonnaise on a damp cloth to remove water-marks from wooden floors or furniture.


  1. Water-marks in the toilet – If your area has hard water then you will be used to ring markings around the toilet bowl. All you need to do is pour some coca cola into the toilet, leave for an hour, then flush!


  1. Plants looking dull? – All you need to do to get plant leaves shining is rub them with a little mayonnaise (crazy we know!)


  1. Glassware looking a little worn? – All you need to do is rub them with a cloth dipped in vodka and then rinse! Marks be gone!


  1. Pet hair on the sofa? – Just rub over the upholstery with a rubber glove! It will pick up all the shed pet hair.


  1. Foggy mirrors? – Clean them with shaving cream and a cloth! This will leave a streak-free shine!


  1. Stained fridge shelves? – This one is great! Line the shelves with cling film to catch spills and make for an easy clean up! – If you want to take this tip long term then invest in shelf liners to do your bit for the environment!


  1. Toaster full of crumbs? – Flip it upside down and brush away the crumbs with a pastry brush!


  1. Ripped bin bags? – Double line! Use two bin bags, one to hold the rubbish, and the other to catch the spills! – just made sure you use eco-friendly bags!


  1. Clogged blender? – All you need to do is blend a mix of soap and water, works like magic!


  1. Clean your hoover with a hoover! – the best way to clean a hoover filter is to clean it with another hoover – Just invest in a cheap handheld one for an easy clean!


  1. Ornament cleaner! – stick on some cotton gloves and run your hands over all the ornaments and décor in your home, good as new and dust-free!


  1. Blind cleaning! – All you need to do is put a sock on your hand and run your hand between the blind slacks! Dust-free in minutes!


  1. Baby milk stains – Are your little ones always spilling milk on their clothes? All you need to do is soak the stain in coca cola for 10 minutes and then rinse!


  1. Coffee marks on the coffee table? – just rub a little toothpaste onto the stain and it will come right off!


  1. Burnt food on pans? – Let the pan soak overnight with a dry sheet in the bottom. In the morning, the food will wipe straight off!



Got any weird cleaning tips to share? Comment them below!


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