10 Uses for your SPh2ONGE product

Hello my lovelies it’s Harriet (@making_ahouse_ahome) here writing a guest blog for the amazing Sph2onge, a brand that I am super proud to be a Brand Ambassador for!

As I’m sure most of you will have seen or heard by now, these products are so versatile and there are countless different uses for them.

Today I am going to share just 10 of these uses with you all!

1️⃣Damp Dusting:

Probably one of the most common uses for the Sph2onge products is damp dusting!

The Sph2onge products are literally like a dust magnet and are brilliant for trapping and collecting dust & dirt.

One of the benefits of damp dusting is that unlike with regular dusting, the dust does not fly into the air so you are not breathing as much in.

This is perfect for people that may suffer from allergies or have certain conditions (such as Asthma).

Damp dusting is super quick and easy, also there’s no need to use anything other than water. 

Three of my favourite places to damp dust are the skirting boards, the banister and the tops of door frames. 

2️⃣Absorbing Liquid:

Another extremely popular use for the Sph2onge is absorbing liquid.

This could be from spills, to condensation on your windows, or even any leftover moisture in your washing machine after a cycle.

The Sph2onge is designed to be extremely absorbent and is a great alternative to kitchen roll for soaking up spills on your worktops as it’s reusable - therefore more eco-friendly. 

I find the Sph2onge products perfect for cleaning up after my messy toddler!

3️⃣  Cleaning the TV:

Using a Sph2onge or Sph2onge cloth, slightly damp with just water and no product, is a brilliant way to clean your TV screen!

I’ve found this even gets rid of stubborn sticky fingerprints from my toddler and leaves it smear free.

4️⃣Mirrors & Stainless steel:

The Sph2onge products are brilliant for cleaning your mirrors and stainless steel and leave a lovely shine.

One of my personal favourite uses is drying the stainless steel kitchen sink with the Sph2onge cloth.


You can even clean your windows with the Sph2onge products as they leave a streak free finish.

The Sph2onge and cloth can be used with products too, I’ve heard they team perfectly with the Astonish Window & Glass cleaner!

6️⃣Car Clean:

Why not keep a Sph2onge in your car?!

Small enough to keep in the glovebox and super effective for damp dusting, cleaning the car mirrors or even the exterior of the car.

7️⃣Fridge Clean:

The Sph2onge products are ideal for cleaning your fridge, or even defrosting your freezer, as they absorb any excess water - with NO drips!

Once it’s full, you can simply wring the Sph2onge out and if needed you can then use it to absorb any more!

As it is so good for damp dusting, any small pieces of ice should also be collected quite easily! 

8️⃣Collecting hair from the carpet:

Similar to the Squeegee Hack, the Sph2onge cloth can be used damp to collect hair from the carpets which vacuuming may not be able to pick up.

This is a great tip for anyone with furry friends!


The Sph2onge products are great on PVC and sometimes even let off a satisfying squeak - quite literally squeaky clean!

I use the Sph2onge cloth to clean my front door and also the letterbox too.

These products also great for window frames and sills.

🔟Garden Furniture:

Finally, you can even keep a Sph2onge in your shed!

These products are great for wiping over your garden furniture, especially if you have a glass table outside.

These will also be very handy for soaking up rain or spills from your garden chairs and soaking up leftover water from a paddling pool. 

The list of uses is endless!


Please leave a comment below if you have a Sph2onge hack that hasn’t been mentioned - Chris is always eager to hear new and inventive ways on how his products are being used!

Thank you for reading!

Harriet x


  • Love the Sponge!! Surprised not to see ‘wiping the laptop’ as one of the many uses.. smear-free screen and keys..all the pesky dust gone with a slightly damp Sponge.. also use it on your piano or other instruments that get dusty..fab!!

  • I’ve joined the party late but these cloths are just brilliant! Damp dusting is my new favorite thing and I’ve cleaned most things with them. I wipe down the windows and TV screens with a damp cloth and they come up a treat. Tiles and shower screen look like new. I’m now an addict and will purchase more. Is one for each room too much?!

  • I find my sph2onge is fab for cleaning slatted blinds. Takes any dust of them effortlessly and takes half the time it normally would.

    Carla P
  • I defrosted my freezer the other day, I found the cloth great for laying between the shelves absorbing the drips. Brilliant!

    Ann Tolley
  • Fantastic on my shower screen and tiles, a quick wipe over after the last person and its dry in minutes. I keep mine in a resealable food bag to keep it damp.

    Julie Edwards

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