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When you need everything, you need the ULTIMATE bundle! 14 amazing SPh2ONGE items in one collection - ready for your cleaning arsenal!  

PLUS a FREE "I love SPh2ONGE" tote bag! 


*colours may vary from image

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lorna T
Fantastic set

Love this whole collection. My house has never been so clean! No chemicals or bleach required

Claire Ryder
Great value

I ordered the ultimate bundle and loved it so much I bought another one! This product is just so great especially on windows, mirrors and my hob top it leaves everything shiny and streak free. Everything in the bundle is great quality and I can't stop telling everyone I know about sphonge.

Jo C
Great bundle, shame colours are not different.

Ordered this bundle thinking the cloth & sponges would be one of each colour as per when you click on the items but unfortunately it’s 2 pink 2 yellow which is a shame as I’d have preferred a colour for each use around my home. However having used the pink cloth in my shower I have never seen the glass so clear and streak free. So easy to use and leave a lovely finish. The large microfibre cloth is also amazing. I used it to clean my leather couch & it made the task so much easier with great results, lifting away the dirt from the cream leather. I’m yet to use the other products but I’m sure they will be amazing too.

Mary Y

They were quite good and excellent customer service as I received a faulty sponge. But my problem with this bundle is that they did not send me one in each colour for the sponge and the cloth, they sent me 2 pink and 2 yellow for both sponge and cloth which I did not expected as I would like different colours for different areas.