Pink Sph2onge

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Pink Sph2onge - Sph2onge
Pink Sph2onge - Sph2onge

If you were to pile up all the sponges in the world from worst to best, SPh2ONGE would sit proudly at the top of the pile.

Quite honestly, SPh2ONGE is the most innovative household sponge you will ever have.

SPh2ONGE started life as a simple tool to mop up spills, and while it does that with ease due to its unique, super absorbent texture, here is a brief list of other uses that this amazing product offers:

-Dusting & damp dusting 

The SPh2ONGE can be used to dust and damp dust a variety of areas within the house. From picture frames to banisters, skirting boards, blinds, display units and even the tops of door frames.

- Soaking up liquid around the house

Perfect for mopping up Spillages, especially if you have young children!

Ideal for absorbing window condensation and any leftover water in your washing machine.

- Cleaning vehicles

The SPh2ONGE can be used on both the interior and exterior of the car and will leave your motor vehicle gleaming.

- Shiny surfaces

Perfect for shiny surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and mirrors as it leaves a streak-free finish.

Other uses include oven glass, TV screens and shower screens.  

- Polishing 

The SPh2ONGE can be used to polish shiny surfaces, such as floor tiles, wall tiles, and PVC such as windowsills or even your front door.

  • Other household cleaning tasks

Also suitable for assisting with a range of other tasks, including cleaning oven, the fridge, the coffee machine, collecting the fluff from the tumble drier and collecting hair from carpets and upholstery (perfect for pet hair!).

  • Outside 

It can also be used outside, such as to wipe over outdoor furniture, or dry outdoor toys such as slides.

The list grows everyday as SPh2ONGE owners are constantly discovering more uses with their versatile household SPh2ONGE tool!

Because it has so many uses, you’ll be pleased to know that it is a doddle to clean:

  • For dust and small particles, just run under the tap!
  • For the more serious cleaning jobs, pop it in the washing machine with other household cloths at a maximum of 40 degrees.

SPh2ONGE is available in two bright and fun colours, original YELLOW and awesome PINK.

Why not get one of each to help colour code your household tasks!

When you are finished cleaning, wring out excess water and leave to dry. 

SPh2ONGE will dry solid but don’t be alarmed, simply give it a soak in warm water and it will be soft and ready for use in no time.

What will you use your SPh2ONGE for? 

The possibilities are endless. 

For more hints and tips, please head over to the FAQ section on the home page. 


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