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S Mannion

I purchased the beginner bundle after seeing so many people raving about sph2onge. I am blown away by how much water they can lift. I love the size of the cloths as well!

wendy squirrell
Game Changer!

Bought the beginner bundle as I had just had a new wet room fitted, I wanted to keep the glass free of water marks. I simply wipe down with the sponge and finish off with the cloth after every shower and it’s stays streak free. Also found it brilliant for damp dusting the floor tiles and skirting boards. I absolutely love it.

Lydia Reid

Didn’t expect them to be that good!!! Amazing. I actually took it to my mums to show them how absorbent it is! 😂

Lisa Hill
Beginner bundle

Fantastic products amazing on the dust they pick up great quality will be back to buy more soon

Katie Gilfillan
Effective quality cleaning product

So far I’ve used the cloths/sponges for damp-dusting, wiping up spills and cleaning mirrors. Does an excellent job at all of these tasks, picks up and catches far more dust than typical “super absorbent” cloth/sponge and mirrors were left completely streak free. I find it particularly handy to keep in the bathroom as they store easily, bathrooms are pretty dusty but just a quick moment to wipe round with this cloth keeps it all at bay much more efficiently than typical cloths.